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Boho Chic pendant with Ojo Turco with stone set


Enjoy good luck and repels negative energies with this pendant boho chic Turkish eye. Thanks to him, You get everything you set your mind!

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Negative energies around us all the time. As time passes, negative energy penetrates us, causing us evils, diseases, bad luck, etc. Turkish eye is a powerful talisman that helps you fend off the evil eye and negative energy. This way you can get good luck to you and accomplish everything you set your mind. Thanks to this pendant boho chic, You not have to become a worry of negative energy.

Do not let the negative energy come to you

This suspension is formed from three different chains as they join a closure clip. The first chain has a length of 33cm. The second chain has a length of 35cm and is finished in a Turkish eye glass inlaid in the eye part. The last of the chains has a measure of 48cm, It is completed in a white natural stone that will also help absorb the negative energy so you do not come to you.

Removes negative energy with your eye pendant Turkish

Surprises of your precious pendant Turkish eye


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