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Boho Chic Minimalist Pendant Moon and Star



It attracts the power of the moon and stars to you thanks to this lovely pendant boho chic. Its minimalist style combined with everything you wear.

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The moon and stars are two very important celestial elements. For lunar cycles, people know the best time to plant, creates the tides of the sea, etc. Also, the stars come together to show us the way and form a beautiful sight when we see in the Milky Way.

In this pendant, We can see the beautiful union of the two is a unique piece.

The power of the moon

We know the great power of our minds when it comes to channel all the positive energy to accomplish our goals in life, but as we found it a major boost, we also have in New Moon a very large source of energy that can lead to a life full of top events.

But to make this possible, we collect this energy star Regent nights, that with it we load up fully in each of the activities that develop during the month.

Surprises of this wonderful boho chic pendant

This pendant will help you build energy all day

Your boho chic pendant will help you be impressive



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