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Pendant Boho Chic Marino


We all like the sea, and it is why this wonderful boho chic pendant will help you to scream your love of the sea towards 4 winds.

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The sea and beach are amazing places. We all like to go there occasionally to feel its breeze, let us embrace the sun, Or simply, walk and set aside all worries or stress that we. This pendant boho chic allows us to take a small piece of the sea along with us wherever we go. Like this, in this way, esteamos although far from the sea and the coast, we can feel all its effects within our and feel happier and better.

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This suspension consists of a glass sphere. Inside a large number of small seashells they are. The pendant is finished in a long link chain with lobster claw clasp at the end. The total length of the pendant is 65cm.

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