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Boho Chic Pendant with Hamsa Hand, Zodiac Wheel and Pen


Let luck invade your life without leaving anything to chance thanks to the action of our pendant boho chic with hamsa hand, Zodiac wheel and pen.

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Pendants various heights estilan increasingly and. That is why we bring this pendant boho chic essential.

This suspension consists of three parts. The first string of 40cm is finished in a wheel of the zodiac. The second string of 50cm is finished in a hand of hamsa. The third of the chains with a measure of 60cm is finished in a curve pen.

The triple effect of boho chic pendant

This precious pendant combines the best of several worlds. Thus we have the zodiacal wheel helps us refine our house with the positive effects of our Zodiac, while hamsa hand protects us from the evil eye, thus receiving more positive energy in our lives. Finally, pen allow you to be a free spirit on earth. In this way, you'll reach your destination in life without problems.

Leave your unique style qeu surprise everyone with this pendant boho chic

This pendant boho chic represents your soul free


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