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Boho Chic pendant Luna Smiling and Natural Stone


Dale color and joy to your cosmetic bag with a more bohemian style with this gorgeous pendant boho chic with natural stone.

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Pendants are a great way to highlight your beautiful natural features neck and face. Thanks to this pendant boho chic, You'll stand out not only your face and I strain, but their different heights will also will serve to highlight your collarbone and thus achieve a more pronounced overall effect. Whether in your day to day or for a party or special event, Thanks to this pendant, You can wear a bohemian look stylish while.

How it is shaped pendant?

this pendant, made of steel, consists of three parts joined in one clip closure, diameter 36cm. The top chain is completed in a small pendant with a natural blue stone set in its center. The intermediate chain is terminated on a moon smiling, while the bottom strand is finished in a small pendant plate. Thanks to its triple action, You get your bohemian look easy.

Get your bohemian chic look with this pendant boho


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