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Pendant Boho Chic Choker Moon and Stars Reversed


Enjoy twice thanks to the combination of this pendant boho chic with its matching necklace.

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Thanks to this beautiful pendant with inverted moon you can unleash your inner power and become the best version of yourself.

This beautiful set is formed by a pendant chains that bind various heights on one end of clamp, along with a choker stars. The choker has a length of 31cm, It is adjustable in 7 cm to greater thanks to its closure clamp. The upper chain length 38cm, intermediate chain length of 48cm and the lower chain length of 61cm. these strings can be adjusted in its claw clasp 6cm more.

The power of the inverted moon

The luna It is a sacred and magical symbol which contains many of the secrets of nature around us. The Luna with its position inverted It means that you have recently had a time of self-deception, illusion, fears and anxiety, but all these negative energies are beginning to disappear.

Smiles thanks to your precious pendant boho chic with choker

Make everyone notice you with your pendant boho chic


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