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Pendant Boho Chic Reversed Moon and Solar Circle


This wonderful boho chic pendant is ideal to surprise everyone. With it you will feel happier and happy every day.

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Our pendant boho chic is the ultimate help you need in order to get achieve success in your life. Your solar circle enlighten you all day so good luck attracting so you can get everything you propose. In addition, its inverted moon will help you overcome any lovesick, thus being able to reach your predestined person. In this way, both get health, as money as love.

Get positive energy fill you and get rid of negative energy

This pendant is composed of three chains attached to the rear in a close adjustable clamp. Like this, we have the first chain that runs near the neck with a length of 38,2cm is finished in a solar circle. The second chain, It has a length of 45.5cm with several hanging beads placed equidistantly. The third chain, with a length of 50.2cm it is finished in an inverted moon.

It attracts positivism to you with this pendant boho chic

Thanks to this pendant, You get that coveted bohemian look that both crave

Surprise everyone with this lovely pendant boho chic


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