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Boho Chic pendant Lotus and OM


Get greater peace and quiet thanks to this fabulous pendant boho chic. With it you can feel your spirit is reborn.

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In this life of hustle and stress, This pendant boho chic is a constant reminder of calm and serenity. As you put it, You can feel your spirit is filled with peace. In this way, Whenever you decide to relax or meditate, You will achieve a deeper state of calm and serenity.

Create your own corner of calm and safety thanks to this wonderful pendant

This pendant represents the lotus flower. The Lotus flower is one of the most important symbols in Buddhism. In the art of the various Buddhist schools, the presence of the lotus is notorious; we can see them for themselves, fully open and different colors, roses, blue, whites, gold. We can also see Buddhas sitting on lotuses. But, What is the meaning of this flower for Buddhism? The lotus is beautiful, but its beauty is somehow the sublimation of the murky waters of the plant feeds, such that the first meaning lotus is extremely literal and refers to raising awareness, the transition from mud and suffering of everyday human experience towards liberation of the suffering or lighting. Lotus feeds the sludge, but it grows towards the light.

The suspension consists of a chain of 43cm with a slide clamp can be adjusted to higher 6cm, finish a lotus flower with mantra OM in its center.

Create your own style with this pendant boho chic

Let the whole world surprised with this lovely pendant boho


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