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Boho Chic Long pendant with Choker


Add a touch of style to your add-ons different thanks to the triple action of this boho chic set of pendant.

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Pendants have been with us throughout history. From ancient times to today, Men and women have worn necklaces for many reasons. It could be for engalanarse, apart from others, etc. In this way, pendants have been conviertiendo gradually until reaching the current fashion pendant boho chic. So we have this beautiful set of pendants that you can combine for an amazing look and highlight your features.

Let the boho chic fashion fill you completely

This set consists of two separate and hanging pendant-choker. Each is finished in a slide clamp which can adjust its fall. Being three hanging separately, You can adjust them or combine them in a thousand different ways. You can also combine them with other pendants in order to have an unmistakable style that will become the center of attention.

Get a different look thanks to this set of boho chic pendant



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