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Pendant Boho Chic Moon Reversed


Get carried away by the power of the inverted moon that appears in this wonderful boho chic pendant. His style of four hanging astonish all!

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Surprise everyone with this pendant boho chic formed by 4 hanging. Whether to go every day with him or to go to events and galas, as you put it, You'll look totally fantastic.

This suspension consists of 4 chain hanging under go at different heights. In this way, each highlight your features, as the neck or collarbone. In addition, the third of the pendant is finished in an inverted moon. The length of each pendant varies so as to have different falls. Thus we have the first has a length of 40cm, the second measures 44cm, The third measures 52cm and the last measures 63cm. The closure clamp is, where we can regulate 5 cm a mayores.

The power of the inverted moon

The inverted moon is able to protect you in the daily dispelling negative energies. It is also an amulet for happiness, Love, the money, projects fructify, positive changes and removing negativity.

Let everyone admire you with your pendant crescent

Surprise everyone with pendant boho chic Crescent



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