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Boho Chic pendant Lucky Horseshoe


Let luck flood your life so that you can get everything you set your mind with this pendant boho chic with luck horseshoe.

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All looking good luck in our lives. Good luck at work, good luck in school, good luck in love, etc. That is why we bring you this lovely boho chic pendant. With it you can fill your life good luck and so get achieve your goals and dreams.

This suspension consists of three parts. In the first part we have several diamonds strung with imitation gems. which they are joined to form one chain with a length of 33cm. In the second part we have a short chain 36cm finished in gold with a diamond imitation gem enshrined in its center. Finally, we have a long chain of 44cm finished in a golden horseshoe with imitation gem in its center.

The power of lucky horseshoe

The horseshoe is a magical symbol which is considered one of the talismans more old The world and its applications esoteric They are ranging from its power to protect the environment, dispel doubts or conflicts, until desires or attract good fortune.

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Bring some good luck with your horseshoe pendant boho chic



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