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Boho Chic pendant necklace and Moon


Leaves everyone open-mouthed thanks to this lovely pendant boho chic mixing a choker with chains of various levels.

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Moon is one of the most romantic elements of the night. All dinners dream moonlight, beach walks on full moon days, Dating in the light of the moon and stars. So you can be splendorous and get surprise and impress your partner, we bring you this lovely boho chic pendant consists of a necklace and a pendant with a moon.

How it is made this set of pendant and necklace boho chic?

The pendant consists of three parts, starting choker 30cm, followed by a chain with linkers glass up to the clavicle with a measure of 40cm and topped by a moon hanging at breast height 58cm. Both chains (which they are joined) as choker, they are completed in a closure clip, which helps to adjust them in 6cm higher.

Let yourself be carried away by the power of the moon!

Give a different touch to your style with this pendant boho chic


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