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Boho Chic pendant teardrop Water


Leave out your neck and collarbone with this lovely pendant boho chic. His style will surprise everyone pleasantly.

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This pendant boho chic shaped raindrop is the addition you need your supplements. Due to its double-stranded form with water drop and relief, It will surprise everyone you know. Take it with you always or treat to hit a friend, family or special person in your life.

This suspension is formed by two chains linked by a closure clip. As a result, you can take both simultaneously placed pendants. The first is a simple string, lie the shaped pendant drop of water is in the second chain. The length of the first chain is 33cm whereas the second chain has a length of 40cm.

Let the boho chic style into your life

Boho chic freedom allows you to give your own touch and style to your outfit. With this pendant, You can enhance your own style and thus leave everyone amazed.

Leaves everyone amazed with your style with this pendant boho chic



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