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Pendant Boho Chic Star and Spiral


Thanks to this pendant boho chic 4 in 1 You can stand out from all others by becoming the center of attention wherever you go.

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Pendants are a fabulous way to accentuate the features of our neck and collarbone, drawing stares at you. Thanks to this beautiful pendant boho you can highlight and accentuate your beautiful natural features.

This precious necklace made of zinc alloy is formed by four hanging string, each at different heights. So we have a small pendant with a star and a length of 40cm. The second has a length of 46cm. The third has a length of 55cm with a spiral plate. Finally, the fourth has a length of 65cm.

Let the whole world agape with your precious pendant boho

Thanks to this pendant, everyone will notice you. You can use it in your everyday life, both to go to work or study, to go for a walk, to the supermarket, etc. You can also use it for special events such as appointments or parties. Not only that, You can also give it to friends and acquaintances so that they feel your love and affection.

Let everyone admire you with your precious pendant boho chic



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