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Boho Chic Spherical pendant Moon



Surprise everyone thanks to this wonderful boho chic pendant bearing a crimped sphere with the image of the moon.

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The moon is Earth's companion. It is shown every night in the sky and every day is hidden under the sun. That is why the moon is a romantic component in literature, where a large number of poets claim their timeless beauty in pendant boho chic wonderful cielo.Este, I carried away a part of that moon in your heart wherever you go beyond.

The suspension consists of a sphere crimped in a ring where the image is displayed Moon.

It takes about yours forever the power of the moon everywhere

In the full moon there is great strength and magnetism and great influence on our planet, water and especially women. The full moon also symbolizes the attraction of money, so this pendant is ideal for attracting good luck in business or life projects.

Surprise everyone with this lovely pendant boho chic

Let everyone marvel with this pendant boho chic



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2 months 13 hours ago

Hello, the price is only the pendant, true? I can indicate what the sphere is made, of Cristal, Stone…? Thank you.

1 month 28 days ago

dear Maite:
The sphere is made of glass.