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Pendant Boho Chic Double Star and Moon



The moon and the stars surrounding us all in the firmament like this pendant boho chic surrounds thee.

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The moon and the stars influence our lives. Different moon phases exert effect during our daily visible with, For example, the tides. La energía de la Luna siempre ha sido asociada a lo femenino, intuition and the occult. Legends are filled with images of witches dancing in the light of the satellite or removing the contents of your Cauldron, where they are preparing ointments, filters and curses. This celestial body maintains a strong relationship with the Earth. Its speed of rotation on itself matches the translation around our planet, so it always shows the same face. This fabulous boho chic pendant shows the combination of a star with moon pendant on a double play.

Dazzle everyone with your inner power with this pendant star and moon

This boho pendant comprises two collars together with a closure clip, I being made of zinc alloy with a chain length of 45cm.

Surprise everyone with this pendant Moon and Star

Luce full of energy with this pendant boho chic

It shows a different style with this pendant boho chic



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