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Boho Chic Pendant Double Heart



Surprises with this simple but effective boho chic pendant with heart and let others feel your love.

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Surprise and wonder everyone with this lovely pendant. This pendant boho chic minimalist allow you to take it with you all day and every day without you know it.

Este colgante está formado por dos cadenas gemelas que se unen en la parte trasera en un cierre único de pinza que podrás ajustar. The first of the chains with a length of 30cm, It has links interspersed with small accounts. This chain is at a higher height than the second, It is ideal to carry more upwind. The second chain has a larger drop due to its height of 37cm. This chain has at its center a small heart that will live up to our breastbone.

Let love reach all

Our pendant will help you to show everyone your love. This way your love will come to everyone.

Surprise everyone precious pendant boho chic contu

Let all be surprised and marvel thanks to your precious pendant


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