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Boho Chic Double Hanging Tree of Life and Fioretti


Enjoy the power of youth and the joy of spring with this lovely pendant boho chic with Tree of Life.

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The power of youth is within you. All have that feeling inside and many times we let him out. To feel young inside and outside, This pendant is ideal for you. Pudas so you enjoy the most in your day to day we bring you this pendant boho chic double with Tree of Life. Thanks to its combination, you can also feel the energy invades your body and revitalizes order to feel better in your day to day.

Feel the power within you

The Tree of Life not only connects us all with Mother Nature, but also it helps us to regenerate, both internally and spiritual. The pendant is also accompanied by a small flowers symbolizing spring. Like this, its effect is enhanced by the synergistic action of both. The pendant consists of two chains of different lengths ending in claw clasp that lets you adjust the length.

Surprise everyone with this pendant boho chic with Tree of Life

Get rejuvenate body and spirit with this lovely pendant



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