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Boho Chic pendant fingerboard and Crystal Citrine


Get a free and casual style that will surprise everyone with this wonderful boho chic pendant.

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Music fills us all in life. That is why we took the heart from small. And we sing lullabies children so that we can sleep peacefully without fear. As a result, often we turn to music to calm, rejoice, etc. Music gives us many feelings like no other. This pendant boho chic is a constant reminder that links to you along with music.

Let the music flow into you

This beautiful pendant is created in three distinct layers which are joined at the back of the pendant in a simple claw clasp that can be adjusted. Thus we have the first part of the pendant is made up of a chain that ends in a small pitch. The intermediate portion of the suspension is formed by a glass stone exquisitely crimped. The last part of the pendant chain is a simple.

Let everyone be surprised with your pendant boho chic

Get a different look with your pendant



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