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Boho Chic Lotus pendant and Zodiac


This beautiful pendant boho chic will give an original and different touch to everyone so that they can surprise.

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Be seen with your precious pendant boho chic. This pendant brings together two worlds in one, by showing a lotus and a wheel zodiac.

This pendant consists of two chains of different lengths, 47cm and 60cm. The first chain is formed by a lotus, while the second, more length is finished in a wheel zodiac.

Zodiac Wheel

Astrology studies the relationship of the characteristics of a person with the right position of the stars at the time of his birth. People who dedicate themselves to the study of astrology would argue that this position directly related to personality traits, important events throughout a person's life and even their physical characteristics.

In the zodiacal wheel we are twelve personalities, one for each sign and for each astrological house. Issues and issues that govern houses, and the sign zodiac define certain characteristics.


Let the whole world astonished by this lovely pendant boho chic

Boho chic This pendant will make you stand out from all other

Let the power of this pendant will attract all the good luck to you


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