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Boho Chic Silver Pendant with daisy flower


This lovely sterling silver pendant bears preserved inside a beautiful daisy flower giving it a unique look.

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Daisy is the flower of love. To find out if someone wanted us, we picked a daisy and alternated deshojábamos while saying “loves me, not want me”. That is why since ancient times, gifts made with margaritas carrying large warm feelings and pure love. For this reason, daisies represent gaiety and freshness, hence it is conceived as the flower of innocence. In addition daisies, have been inserted in both culture is not just a flower, it has also become a cultural symbol. So much so that this has led to be used as a proper name of people and some culinary delights. This is why silver pendant has been created to pay homage.

Discover your also beauty Daisy with this silver pendant

This pendant is made from sterling silver S925. At the end of pendant, leads placed a resin bead with a daisy inside preserved. In this way, every time you see, You feel all the freshness and spring feelings inside you.

Marvel at the perfection of this pendant boho chic

Surprise everyone with this lovely silver pendant

It takes you everywhere this fantastic boho pendant

This silver pendant is your perfect companion for any occasion




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