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Boho Chic Moon Pendant and Turquoise


This wonderful pendant boho chic silver will help to concentrate the energy of the moon within you to reach your full potential.

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This wonderful pendant boho chic is a Enxo triple connection between the moon, the earth and yourself. So we have this pendant is organized into three parts. In the outermost part, We have a chain of 51cm which is finished in a moon. The moon has immense power. The moon is a symbol of good omen and fertility. It is also considered an ideal symbol for overcoming the vices or addictions, it is included, to start projects. That is why like the moon in life beyond Earth, on this suspension it is in the outer part.

In the middle part, we have a chain of 31cm finished in a turquoise. The turquoise color is associated often with clear water and land. The third chain, It has a measure of 32cm. Due to the placement of the chains, This pendant symbolizes the union of the moon with the earth and through it with you.

Surprise everyone with this fabulous pendant boho chic

This wonderful pendant is made of zinc alloy, counting on a turquoise has at its center. The three chains are attached on a lobster claw clasp on the back, chain being adjustable in 5cm higher.

Surprise everyone with this unique boho chic pendant


Let everyone with his mouth hanging open with this chic boho



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