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Boho Chic pendant Moon and Stone



This wonderful boho chic pendant will you attract the eyes of everyone from the first time you put it.

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boho chic fashion is a style of several juentes such as the hippie, grunge, bohemian, etc. But above all, boho chic fashion is free. Thanks to its many features, each person can create their own style different from all others. That is why we bring this beautiful pendant boho chic so that you can complement your style.

This wonderful chic boho pendant comprises a waning moon bohemian aspect of which hangs at its top a small natural stone. Thanks to its combination, This pendant is perfect to wear with clear clothes for a lovely contrast.

Concentrates power of the moon in yours

The moon has a great important mystical power that has been worshiped since the earliest times. Thanks to this pendant you will concentrate all the positive energy within you in order to perform any task you set your mind.

Model 001

Surprise everyone with this fabulous pendant boho chic


Model 002

Leaves everyone speechless with this pendant boho chic


Model 003

Make everyone notice you with this pendant boho chic


Model 004

Let the power of the moon enters you with this pendant boho chic


Model 005

Lose yourself in the elaborate simplicity of this pendant boho chic


Model 006

Achieves own unique style with this pendant boho chic


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