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Pendant Boho Chic and Flor de Luna



The combination of the moon and make this wonderful nature boho chic pendant a unique work of art that you can carry with you.

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Moon and nature are two intrinsic parts of human life. Both the power of the moon and its influence and the power of nature and its influence on our daily lives are more than demonstrated. It is therefore, This pendant boho chic is to combine these two separate worlds only one. In this way, every time you wear this pendant with you not only get all the benefits that brings the moon but also, helps you connect with your I Natural order to benefit the maximum energy of the earth.

Get everything you set your mind thanks to this wonderful pendant boho chic

This pendant is made of zinc alloy. At its center it presents a moon with a bohemian pattern inside. From month, hangs a small glass sphere with a dandelion flower inside. The pendant includes a chain length achieving 60cm with a closing clamp can be adjusted to higher 5cm.

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