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Boho Chic Pendant Dandelion



Feel your connection to nature is strengthened day by day thanks to this lovely pendant boho chic with dandelion petals.

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Dandelion is an impressive plant. After sprouting when opened, we see a beautiful golden color that pervades many fields giving a great touch of color and announcing the winter NinaL. Also, in the final stage of life, Flower is transformed into beautiful petals floating out blowing in the wind to land again on earth. Thanks to this morph effect, dandelion has been a widely used plant and studied since ancient times. Thus we have since mileniso, preparations were made with dandelion helped heal bones, the liver, acne and skin conditions, and a myriad of other ailments. For this reason, this pendant pays tribute to this metamorphosis so that we fly to where we want to go free.

Discover all the power you have within you with this pendant boho chic with dandelion petals

The pendant is formed by a sphere of resin with dandelion petals preserved inside. This pendant chic boho includes a chain made of zinc alloy with a size of 50cm and finish a slide clamp which allow us to play with greater length 5cm.

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