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Pendant Boho Chic of Auditors and Tassels



180. Give your accessories with this boho chic pendant all fashio. Nobody will be indifferent!

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Boho chic fashion is imposed every day progresses. That is why more and more are the ones who we opted for their free styles to choose our sets of clothes and accessories. Thanks this freedom, variations for accessories are almost endless. That is why we bring this wonderful boho chic pendant so you can look wherever you go.

The ultimate fusion of various styles

This pendant consists of several independent parts that are integrated between them as if they were one. The chain has soft yarn on its surface to which is attached thus giving a sense of duality. The center of the pendant is decorated with beads marine finished in a buffalo head.

His appearance reminds us of the central part of a dreamcatcher, well as giving another touch of originality to all. As you see, You can not let pass!

Modelo Cian

Surprise everyone with pendant boho chic


White model

Let everyone admire your pendant boho chic


model Rosa

Everyone will be amazed with this pendant boho chic


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