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Boho Chic pendant with crystals Svaroski


Wow you with your precious pendant boho chic. Her delicate sparkling crystals all attention will be focused on you.

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Let everyone be awestruck by this beautiful pendant boho chic.

This pendant chain link is completed by several crystals svaroski. As light falls on your pendant, reflexes surprise you. The length is 75cm.

Help in healing crystals

Gems and crystals are possessed of vibrations to molecular and atomic level. These energy loads allow you the inner and outer healing.

Stones and gems are living things, full of energy, memory and qualities that give individuality, ie have a personality.

Crystals and gemstones to grow and develop delay million years, and therefore we are not witnesses of their changes, and then we are easy static or lifeless because at first sight seem immutable consider.

In this way, to carry with us always, we can better meet inside and outside.


Your precious pendant will lay great wherever you go


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