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Boho Chic pendant with Hourglass


This pendant boho chic with hourglass, reminds you live every moment and every moment of life since the time is taken while advancing.

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The power of time is visible by all of us in our day to día.A As the hours pass, we see dawns and the sun rises. As the time the sun moves across the sky until the end of the day is hidden until the next morning. In the same way, as the days go, we can see how the seasons change from one to another. That is why since time immemorial that, mankind has sought ways to manage and counting time. Like this, They arose millennia old hourglasses. In this way, They could keep a constant and accurate count every day. Thanks to this wonderful pendant boho chic, you too can take with you everywhere the power of time.

Discover all the power of time with this pendant boho chic

This is made necessary pendant zinc alloy, formed by 3 concentric rings that allow the hourglass rotate in all directions. In its center, It has an hourglass made of glass. Each of the outer rings engraved with a message on its side. Thanks to the combination of elements gracile, This precious pendant will allow you to be the focus of attention.

Surprise everyone with this lovely pendant boho chic

Make everyone to give up your feet with this pendant boho chic

This pendant shaped hourglass astonish everyone



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