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Boho Chic Pendant with Hamsa Hand and Eye Turco


Get good luck in everything you put your mind thanks to the protective action of Hamsa hand on this pendant.

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Hamsa hand is a powerful protective talisman that has gone from one another for a number of generations. A lot of women, newborns and their families have been protected thanks to its powerful force. In addition to helping to repel negative energy, this Hamsa hand also has several Turkish eyes. In this way, not only we avoid negative energy in our lives, but also also avoid the evil eye. In this way, we can enjoy a life without complexes or problems, blessed by good luck.

Discover the power of Hamsa hand in your life.

This pendant boho chic is formed by a 50cm length cardena. Its center features fine details that make the pendant a work of art in itself. In addition, The pendant is also finished in a Hamsa hand with a Turkish eye at its center.


This pendant lovely boho chic surprise everyone

Surprises and amazes everyone with this pendant hamsa hand


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