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Boho Chic pendant with Tree of Life



It manages to connect with nature and all living beings around you with this pendant with the tree of life.

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Become one with Mother Earth with this beautiful pendant with Tree of Life. With it you feel like giving you the energy you invade peace, security and harmony. Bring always a part of life.

Let the tree of life come to you

The Tree of Life is a common element in many civilizations. This tree refers to the link between nature and Mother Earth with all living things. In this way, The Tree of Life unites us all spiritually. Different civilizations have this tree as a concept that gives life and unites all beings after birth.

This beautiful pendant is made of stainless steel, providing a chain of 50cm. The pendant is finished in a ring with an engraved tree of life inside, thus giving a high contrast.

Surprise everyone with your precious pendant with Tree of Life

Leaves everyone open-mouthed thanks to this wonderful pendant

The Tree of Life will help you choose the path in your life


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