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Pendant Boho Chic Chain and Plate


This pendant lovely boho chic will help you highlight your neck and collarbone thus attracting all eyes to you.

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A pendant is always a smart way of letting you highlight. Within the wide range of accessories it is one of the most used for this purpose, since we can use anytime, above or under clothing, It is depending on how we feel more comfortable.

This precious pendant is made of zinc alloy, It is formed in turn by four hanging lower chain. In this way, although minimalist, This pendant will help you show off your neck while giving you a touch of elegance. No matter where esteas. This pendant will help to focus the eyes on you.

When you wear this pendant boho chic

Minimalists pendants are suitable for any time. So in an event will give a subtle touch of elegance without reloading the whole, with a simple touch but effective. In your day to day, The pendant is a great way to focus the eyes on you. The best time would be especially, when you have to talk to someone.

Create a touch of elegance with this pendant boho chic


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