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Boho Chic Owl Pendant with Glass Crimps



Let your soul Take to the skies every time you look at this lovely boho chic pendant shaped owl.

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The owl is an animal protector prodigious in many cultures throughout history. You can also benefit from its protective effect with this boho chic pendant shaped owl.

This suspension consists of an owl in zinc alloy crimps crystals for eyes and tummy. Chain that holds has a length of 42.5cm that can regulate its closure clip from 39cm.

The protective power Owl Tötel

The owl as power animal It is closely linked to night, the moon and the shadows.

Choose guide people who need to see beyond the evidence, read between lines, decipher the truth ... Those who have the owl on his totem are extremadamente intuitivos and they are not escapes. Rarely fooled by appearances and are able to see through the wall of physicality. Protected owl look directly to your soul and discover the root of your motivations.

Boho chic fantastic this pendant will help protect you

Let the power of your totem Protect yourself with this pendant boho chic owl



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