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Boho Chic Pendant Hoop Moon Reversed


Add a touch completely different from what you know and let everyone by surprise this lovely pendant boho chic.


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This pendant is a boho chic twist to all pendants you have seen. The pendant basea in ancient vintage pendants and chokers, giving a totally different twist to what you're used.

This suspension comprises a solid choker ring 13cm in diameter, with tribal reminiscences. He is accompanied by two chains. The first one has a length of 44cm with a 18cm drop a plate finish. The second chain has a length of 57cm and is finished in an inverted moon. Both chains have a lobster claw clasp that can be adjusted to higher 6cm.

The power of the moon inverted helps your life

The inverted moon helps you susperar the breakups, while protects you from evil eye and helps you find your person destined. UNELA next to a red string bracelet for maximum effectiveness in love.

Get an amazing look with this gorgeous boho chic pendant


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