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Boho Chic Pendant Tassels Hoop



Djea everyone with an open mouth with this pendant boho chic. His unique style, It will surprise and break all the molds!

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When we think of fashion boho we often come to mind models with lace and tassels. That is why we bring this beautiful pendant boho chic circular ring with tassels at the bottom.

Indulge your style boho chic

Boho chic fashion is here to stay. Their freedom of styles and clothing, It gives us the opportunity to create stunning combinations of fantasy that we will be the center of attention. In addition, thanks to the convenience style, You can conjuntarte in a jiffy. That is why strengthening the boho chic style, we bring this pendant. With the, if you wear shirts or tops less boho, You also get this bohemian touch or you are looking grunge. In this way, with this pendant you can focus on it and you turn. You'll become the queen of the place!

Dark Blue

Make your boho chic pendant own style


Red Wine

Surprise everyone with your pendant boho chic



Add a touch of color to your accessories



Let the whole world by surprise this pendant


Color Blue Sky

Make everyone notice you with this pendant boho chic


Color blue

Make your style speak for you with this pendant


Red color

Everyone will focus on you with this pendant boho chic


Yellow color

Lose yourself in the freedom of the boho fashion


Color Dark Green

Surprise and wonder thanks to your fabulous pendant


White color


Expand your accesroios thanks to this lovely pendant



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