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Boho Chic pendant 4 in 1 with Hamsa Hand, Elephant, Om zodiac


Surprise everyone with this distinctive combination of a boho chic pendant four parts.

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Every day we are exposed to a lot of stress, problems and negative energy. Thanks to this pendant boho chic, Conveniences include 4 Unique hanging together that you can use every day for different purposes. In this way, thanks to its various combinations, You can feel how your body and mind are filled with positive energy.

Get carried away by the energy of this set of pendant boho chic

This set consists of pendants 4 differentiated pendants. Thus we have a pendant with Hamsa hand to dispel negative energy, a pendant shaped like elephant for strength and wisdom, a pendant with the symbol of OM to calm and help us meditate and a pendant with the zodiac wheel to attract all the power of our Zodiac.

The pendants are made of zinc alloy with a link chain of 32cm in its minimum length hamsa hand and 50cm in length for the wheel zodiac. The closure clamp allows to regulate the length 7cm at higher.

Surprise everyone with this pendant boho chic

Looks beautiful with this fabulous pendant boho chic

Dazzle everyone with this lovely boho chic pendant




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