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Aurora Pendant in Sterling Silver



Bring always the immortal beauty of the beautiful aurora borealis thanks to our Pendant Aurora.

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During cold nights, near the Arctic, the dark sky turns into green, purple, blue and pink in one of the most spectacular natural phenomena night: Aurora Borealis. His fiery and brilliant colors dance across the night sky, removing the encouragement to anyone who ventures to look. In this light of changing light where they fly these northern lights, They allow us to appreciate the mystery of the night and the magnificence of our planet and its sky. This pendant aurora is a way to bring this dazzling beauty with you everywhere.

Shines wherever you go thanks to the hanging aurora

The pendant is made in sterling silver (S925 pay) in which is crimped at its center a crystal sphere where dance pattern of the aurora borealis. Chain is 40cm and 5cm allows adjustment to higher thanks to its closure clamp.

Everyone will marvel at your pendant aurora

Surprise everyone with this pendant wonderful aurora


Get an incredible look with this pendant aurora

Marvel at this gorgeous pendant aurora


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