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Pendant Tree of Life “Life is a Gift”


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It combines the positive power Clover 4 leaves with the energy of the tree of life so that we can get everything you propose

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This wonderful pendant combines several parts in one piece, making it ideal to wear anytime. In the first place we have a plate with a tree of life engraved on its surface. The Tree of Life is an important element in many mythologies. This tree is a symbol of youth, life and rebirth. That is why usually give to young couples or people who are starting a new life, work, etc. In addition, It has an important effect of attracting positive energy repelling negative energy in turn. Thanks to him, we can see how our luck is growing every day.

In the back of it we also recorded the phrase “Life is a Gift”. This phrase reminds us that life is a gift and we must seize every day of it. In this way, Living life to the limit, we can achieve everything we set.

The power of positive energy

Plate with Tree of Life, we also have a pendant shaped like a clover 4 leaves. Clover 4 leaves is known worldwide thanks to its power to bring good luck to you. Like this, with the positive energy of both the tree of life as clover 4 leaves, you can receive twice luck in your life. So you can do whatever you set your mind with half the effort and trouble.

It also has a small crystal of zirconia crimp crimp. This crystal will help attract light to your life.

Thanks to the combination of all these elements, This pendant will help greatly attract positive energy into your life and the people close to you.

Create beautiful memories with your pendant with Tree of Life

Leaves everyone surprised with this fabulous pendant

Discover a new world with your colgatne with tree of life

Discover how life is a gift



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