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Hanging Tree of Life Steel 316L


If you are allergic, Do not worry. This pendant Tree of Life is made of surgical steel 316l so that you can enjoy.

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The Tree of Life binds to both human beings and nature. All part of the same set. Nature helps us, shelters us, give us food, etc. Like this, all form one continuous cycle. So that you too can join this wonderful cycle, we bring you this lovely pendant.

Our pendant is made of surgical steel 316L. In this way, persons having allergic predisposition to most metals, They will not have trouble carrying this pendant.

The Tree of Life unites us

The tree of Life It is regarded as a symbol that is linked to the meaning of life and our existence. Its meaning comprises various religions and mythologies.

In many cultures and mythologies it represents the beginning of everything, representing a symbol of love, wisdom, hope and a lot of power to people who have strong beliefs about this sacred tree representing the source of all.

As representing the connection or union of humans with different entities depending on the type of religion or culture, It is why the tree has an important meaning in the lives of people who believe in that tree and symbol tree of Life.

Let the tree of life unite all


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