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Pendant 3 in 1 Crescent Moon


Surprise everyone with a twist. Binding style of this pendant helps highlight your neck and factions.

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Highlights your features thanks to this wonderful pendant 3 heights crescent. Thanks to various heights, both your neck and your collarbone will become highlighted, giving a more stylized feeling. In addition, thanks to the height of the first suspension, It will also be highlighted your chin and lips.

It is made up 3 under hanging metal chain 3 different heights. The first consists of several small glass ornaments placed equidistantly. The second is finished in a crescent moon down, ideal for realtar the end of your neck. The last, has a greater drop can reach the chain to the chest. Has several cylindrical beads placed along the chain.

Your pendant will help you in all situations

This beautiful gold pendant is ideal to take daily as to carry dinners, Parties, etc. You can also give it to friends or acquaintances to see how much you care about them. So you can you also receive your love and affection whenever you see. To all you will love!


Surprise everyone with your new pendant


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