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Closed scarf Children



Protect them when it's cold so that estean healthier thanks to this beautiful scarf for children.

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Children like to let off steam. Whether summer or winter, hot weather, cold, viento No luvia, children like to enjoy life. Jumping, hiding, running, etc. That is why we have to take care that their health is not affected. To do this we bring this beautiful scarf closed. Wearing it, you will not have to worry about it removed, they are falling while playing, stumble with it, etc.

This scarf is made in acrylic and cotton, The fabric means you can keep your computer protected from the cold neck to avoid putting bad or caught colds and flus.

Do not worry and let your children enjoy themselves

Childhood is the time for children to be free and learn playing. It is at this time when they develop their concerns in life by socializing and fun. So while they learn, We must protect them.

Let your children juegen free thanks to this closed scarf

This scarf will protect your children from the cold

Let your children can enjoy and have fun without preiocupaciones

Protect them from the cold forever thanks to this closed scarf

Round scarf will protect them from the cold and prevent diseases


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