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Ecological Natural Wicker bag



Prove to everyone your love and commitment to Mother Earth with this lovely bag wicker.

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More and more people join the environmental movement to help Mother Earth. As we raising awareness we, little by little, We help put a bit to keep our planet habitable and a better future for our children and grandchildren. Like this, with responsible consumption and a sustainable environment we can embrace the future with confidence and be happy. For us also to put our own bit, we present our new Natural ecological bag.

This bag has been handmade wicker strands intertwined. Like this, you can carry in your purse everything you need without problems. Whether keys, the mobile, your purse, a toilet bag, etc. Everything you need for your everyday life can always take it with you. The inside of the bag is made from fabric and is sewn to the bag itself. Like this, you will have no problem carrying small items and you will not lose, leaving everyone safe inside the bag.

Let's help care for Mother Earth

The more we move forward as a society, we need to be more responsible with Mother Earth. Saving water, recycling, plant trees, etc. are very important points to consider in the day to day, since every step, even if it is small, matters.

Not only human beings living on the planet, but also live in the thousands of animal and plant species as well as millions of microorganisms. We have a work to share with them our natural environment so that everyone can live together in peace and harmony. This way we can protect life and bequeath an ethical and sustainable future. Take one step forward and join sustainable awareness helping you also to Mother Earth every day!

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