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Boho Chic Crochet bag with Fringes



Let all impressed with this amazing boho chic fringed crochet bag. Everyone will be amazed!

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Let your imagination fly thanks to this lovely boho chic crochet bag with fringe. This bag allows you to supplement your freestyle. Every time you take, everyone will be amazed.

Inside the bag it has a polyester coating to not miss anything of what you wear. You can get your keys, the mobile, wallet, your neceser, etc. You not have to leave anything at home can easily carry it all with you.

Boho chic style increasingly takes more and more. Born in reminiscent of hippies models 60 and grunge touches and Bohemians, this style is positioning itself as the favorite of many women. Since influencers to bloggers, going by celebrities, boho chic estila another year as a fashion style with more powerful.

Thanks to the freedom of their maxivestidos and mini-dresses and comfort, more and more people join. In addition its vintage bohemian style is a natural touch to your wardrobe. So you can turn to a more natural style.

Go out and have fun. Or go party. You can also go on a date. Or you can relax with your friends. Whatever your style not forget to bring your bag always with you. So you can have everything at hand with a flick of the wrist. This would not have to worry about nothing more than to be happy, And have fun!

Measures crochet boho chic fringed bag

The bag has a length of 22cm and 23cm high. The length of the fringes is 20cm. Thanks to its unique style, You surprised everyone. Every time you leave home with him, everyone will be amazed and you can not look away.

I go to the last with your boho chic bag

Dazzles all

We surprised everyone with your boho chic bag

Take a bohemian touch

Enjoy your boho style

Do not miss anything thanks to your boho chic bag


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