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Bohemian bag with rope handle



Trendsetter this season and make everyone notice you by sThis wonderful bag rope.

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The bohemian look is becoming more fashionable. With its combination of shapes and colors, everyone is appreciating more and more the fashion style. That is why we bring this fantastic bag with rope handle so you can be the latest fashion and thus be the envy of everyone. Thanks to him, everyone will be watching and want to be like you.

This lovely bag is made of polyester, thus giving a high resistance. Thus we can carry within it everything we need, such as keys, the mobile, our portfolio, etc. So always you have at hand everything so you can leave home without any worry. Bag handles are made of soft rope and the closure is zipper. The bag size is 30cm x 34cm.

The boho-chic bohemian fashion

Surely you're hearing about more and more of boho chic style or bohemian styles. The boho-chic is a fashion trend inspired by Bohemian airs, hippies and ethnic. Within this style, usually they are usually found large bags with hippies prints.

This trend extends not only fashion but also art, decoration or music. In the summer it takes a starring role. Is a comfortable outfit which combines perfectly with other accessories and clothing. The best of boho chic is that you can play with many styles at once depending on the personal touch you want to give: hippie, ethnic, Bohemian, vintage, grunge... You can say it's a mix of styles with a very authentic overall effect. This hodgepodge of styles makes more and more people feel comfortable with this style of fashion.

Discover you too the wonders of boho-chic fashion and become a trend this season!

Model 001

Bohemians are the new fashion handbags. Enjoy them.


Model 002Get everyone to notice you


Model 003Enjoy what you like with your bohemian bag


Model 004Get outside and enjoy a walk with your bag


Model 005The boho-chic style is becoming more popular. ¡Descúbrelo!


Model 006Go out there and enjoy


Model 007Do not let anything stop


Model 008Free and happy go anywhere


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