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Lisa blouse Loop



Let yourself be loved by our blouse with tie. This blouse is designed to carry in any season both day and night.

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Blouses are an essential element in the closet. They are the first garment over underwear we wear in order to clothe and protect us from the weather. Thanks to the different models blouse we can expand our wardrobe to go conjoined at any time.

How is our tailored blouse?

This blouse is made of cotton and polyester blend. Like this, In addition resistant, It will also be cool on hot days preventing us from collecting sweat. In addition, its softness is great to wear it for a number of hours. His sleeves are one-third, leaving the arms free to any activity. Finally, blouse has fallen enough to Do a loop smoothly on the front.

Thanks to this fantastic blouse, You can wear it at any time to go and where see fit.

Find out what is the blouse that suits you best

With everything with our wonderful smooth blouse

Feel your inner chic thanks to our blouse


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