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Irregular Lisa blouse with buttons on Left Side



Get an original and different look thanks to this lovely blouse. Irregular style will give you a wilder look.

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Get a proper look totally different thanks to this wonderful blouse. Thanks to its irregular style redialing, we ponérnosla with other garments to get a wilder but not escape the formality aspect. In this way, we can bring our blouse to our place of work or study, getting well wonder, be beautiful.

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This blouse is made of polyester. Thus obtenermos a tough blouse to carry any type of meeting, class, to work, staying with our friends, etc. It has a V-neck irregular sideways toward the center flap. On its left side it has large gold buttons. The sleeves are long to the wrist, comfortably and loosely.

Achieves a refined style while sophisticated thanks to this lovely blouse.

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Add a touch of originality to your wardrobe thanks to this blouse

You get a different look with this blouse

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