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Rama print blouse with Roses



This blouse season will help you find cool. In addition, its floral embroidery as joint you'll love.

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Expand your wardrobe with our beautiful blouse. His style along with her embroidery of a branch with roses will give a different touch to your clothes.

This button-down shirt is made of polyester and cotton. In this way, get a lightweight garment, suave, breathable and durable. Also, It has wide sleeves of a third. Its long front camber lets you tie it into a loop at the end.

Blouse, essential element of the cabinets

For over a century, blouses are worn by all women in the world as an element of dress more. Thanks to its popularisation, This pledge our, also it allows us to customize our style at all times. In this way, The blouse is another element that combine in our closet. Any time of year is good for you leave your blouse outside to enjoy. Do not hesitate and use our blouses!

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