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Bikini tie with polka dot print



Luce your impressive figure on the beach thanks to this wonderful bikini topos. Everyone will be fixed on you!

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Thanks to this amazing bikini, every time you decide to go to the beach, you will be radiant. Thanks to its wonderful polka dot print, You'll stand out among all people of the beach or pool.

This bikini consists of two pieces made of nylon and spandex. The elasticity of spandex with loop closure, allow you to adjust as you see fit in order to be comfortable at any time. Also, thanks to the strength properties of the nylon, You can go both on the beach and in the pool without any problems.

Free yourself from your bonds thanks to bikini

For over half a century, the bikini not only means being comfortable at the beach or pool. It is also a symbol of freedom for women. Thanks to the emergence of women bikini can show our lovely figure on the beach or pool whenever we want. Free yourself you too!

Look here what the bikini that suits you best

Let everyone admire your beautiful figure thanks to this lovely bikini

Surprises with your wonderful bikini

Your bikini topos is the ideal companion for summer

Enjoy the beach or pool with your bikini


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