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Lace Bikini



Looks fantastic this summer thanks to lace bikini precioos we offer. Everyone will be amazed!

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Summer is here and it's yours. This station, try one of our fantastic bikinis to go to the beach or pool. You will be leaving everyone astonished!

This two piece bikini is made of polyester, giving great resistance. Like this, You can go anywhere from the beach without any problems, can put up with your pace at all times. Its surface is covered with a floral embroidery that will impress everyone who sees it. So you can become the queen of the beach or pool without any problems. Become the center of attention this summer.

The bikini top is a tank top with drawstring ahead. This top does not carry any filler pad. The bottom is formed by a bikini panty with high waist drawstring on both sides. The union of the two will give a more seductive look that will enhance your figure this summer.

Enjoy your bikini this summer at the beach or pool

Once summer arrives, the sweltering asks us not to stay home. That is why the most visited destinations are usually always the beaches and pools. Here we can enjoy the cool breeze or water while we get brown in the sun. To get that perfect tan this summer we offer the latest sensation in bikinis so you can show off your body. Like this, either on the beach or at the pool is, everyone will be amazed and can not take my eyes off you. Let yourself be carried away by the passion this summer!

Get caught this summer all eyes and all hearts thanks to our lace bikini.

Surprise everyone with your new bikini lace

Make this summer one unforgettable

Enjoy your summer lace bikini

Surprises with your bikini

Get your desired summer thanks to this bikini



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