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Boho Chic Bikini with Aztec Print



Enhances your figure on the beach thanks to this wonderful Aztec print bikini. In addition to being comfortable, You attract all eyes.

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The beach and pool are there. What better than to enjoy and relax comfortably in them? Thanks to this bikini, You can go to the pool or beach to enjoy. Thanks to its comfortable design, you can spend hours and hours having fun or relaxing smooth. In addition, their precious stamped with Aztec Toquees, will amaze friends and acquaintances.

This bikini is made polyester and spandex, adapting perfectly to your figure. The fastener has two tie knots (up and back), while bragita consists of three elastic strips on each side.

Take a different touch of color

Mosaic prints have always been recurrent in the boho chic fashion. To give you a different look, instead of the typical polygonal mosaic, It has chosen a mosaic with touches of Aztec culture, In this way we obtain a more international look.

Check the bikini here for you which is

Let the contrast to your boho chic bikini do the talking

Surprise everyone with your beautiful bikini boho



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