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Boho Chic Bikini Crochet with Beads Marinos



Surprise everyone with this fabulous bikini crochet. Its marine aesthetics will make him the fury of the beach and pool.

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Crochet season hits hard at pools and beaches. For you also to become you in the spotlight, we bring this wonderful boho chic bikini.

This bikini is made from cotton crochet. Both the bra and panty are surrounded by various types of accounts and small shells, thus giving a more bohemian and natural touch.

Crochet fashion invades the coast

Crochet has returned and installed again. Since the signature models out Kiini, more and more people have been aimed at these fashions. That is why thanks to them, Bikinis living a second golden age of diversity and fantasy. Thanks to these designs cut with a bohemian and vintage, gradually we have greater freedom to show off our beautiful body on the beach.

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Boho chic crochet bikinis are back in fashion. Join up!

Surprises this summer on the beach with this gorgeous boho chic crochet bikini

Surprises of this beautiful bikini boho chic


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